We provide an extensive range of luxurious hotel guest amenities and quality accessories to the hotel and hospitality trade. We pride ourselves on offering fine quality products and great service at outstanding value for money.

After conducting a thorough study of each hotel, the Mannai team provides a broad range of customised services and comprehensive organisation proposals, and helps hotel owners achieve the desired results. Having invested in experienced staff with many years of experience, Mannai provides an innovative and holistic hotel management, growth and consulting model.

Product Categories

  • hotel guest amenities

  • Hotel linen

    Hotel uniform, hotel bedding, towels, bath towels, restaurant linen, carpet blankets, decorative fabrics, bathroom serie

  • Guest room equipment

    Guest room electrical appliances, guest room supplies, guest room disposable supplies;

  • The lobby supplies

    Signage, service vehicle, umbrella rack, ash bucket, trash bin, railing seat, luggage rack, information rack, shoe shine machine, ground light box, suitcase, wet umbrella packing machine, international schedule, world clock, trolley, electronic price tag;

  • Hotel furniture

    Lobby furniture, guest room furniture, office furniture, sleeping furniture, modern furniture, dining tables and chairs, outdoor furniture, soft furniture, classical furniture

  • Hotel bathroom and cleaning equipment

    Sanitary ware, cleaning equipment, washing equipment, cleaning supplies

  • Ceramics and glass products

    Ceramics, glassware.